Hood River County

Sheriff's Office


The Sheriff’s Office Enforcement Division is dedicated to responding to the community’s needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Hood River County’s Deputies are well rounded and have expertise in all areas of Sheriff Operations.  They are highly trained and able to respond and adapt to ever-changing, often complex scenarios with exceptional skill and professionalism.

Patrol Operations

Our deputies are not only trained in standard law enforcement patrol work, they are skilled in Search and Rescue Operations, Civil Process, Off Highway Vehicle Enforcement and Animal Control, including the use and operation of all associated equipment.

Deputies respond to all areas of Hood River County.  Additionally, patrol fulfills a contract with the City of Cascade Locks, with a full time deputy assigned to provide additional enforcement presence.  Further, a patrol deputy is assigned full time, as a Marine Deputy to ensure our waterways and those that use them are safe.

The primary function of patrol is to respond to and investigate crime in Hood River County. Deputies work closely with victim’s and witnesses and hold those responsible for committing crimes, accountable for their actions.  The Patrol Division responds to more than 9000 calls for service annually.  Deputies work closely with the community to solve problems and take information about concerns and threats in our communities.  You can report a criminal activity concern online to the patrol division by clicking here.

Quick Facts
14545 Calls for Service
during 2014
in Hood River County