Hood River County

Sheriff's Office

Animal Control

Animal control is a division of the County government operating under the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office. 

HRCSO serves the community by promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, through education and enforcement.

Animal Control Contacts

Animal Control

(541) 387-7037


Hukari Animal Shelter

(541) 354-1083



services provided by animal control
  • Shelter and care for lost; unwanted; sick; injured; abused and neglected animals.
  • Reunite pets with their owners through lost and found shelters.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency response for injured stray domestic animals.
  • Respond to public nuisance dog complaints and conduct investigations.
  • Round-up stray livestock.
  • Animal abuse and cruelty investigations.
  • Citizen complaint assistance.
  • Impoundment of dogs; livestock; and other animals
  • Enforcement of local and state animal laws.
  • Operate Hood River County dog licensing program
  • Public information and referral services.
  • Animal redemption assistance.
  • Adult and children community education programs.
  • Serving citations, court orders and search warrants.
  • Assist other agencies (Police, Health Dept., etc.) with animal problems
  • Places suitable animals for adoption.
licensing your animal

Every person owning or keeping a dog in Hood River County must purchase a DOG LICENSE before:

  1. Your dog reaches six months of age or grows its permanent canine teeth, whichever comes first
  2. You've been an owner or keeper of a dog for more than 30 days
  3. You've lived in the County for more than 30 days with your dog

A dog license expires one year from the month of purchase, and you are given until the last day of that month for renewal without a late penalty.

You must have a valid RABIES INOCULATION CERTIFICATE issued and signed by the veterinarian at the time of licensing.  The expiration date of the dog license cannot exceed the expiration date of the rabies certification by more than two months.

For altered dogs, you must have a SPAY OR NUETER CERTIFICATE with a complete description of the dog and the date of the surgery to obtain the discounted license rate for altered dogs

hood river county dog license application

Here are the steps you must take to license your dog. 

  1. Print and fill out the The Hood River County Dog Application.
  2. Attach your dog's rabies shot certificate & proof of spay/neuter surgery
  3. Enclose a check or money order payable to Hood River County for the applicable license fee

Fertile Dog - $30
Fertile Dog owned by person 65 years or older - $15
Spayed/Neutered Dog - $20
Spayed/Neutered Dog owned by person 65 years or older - $8

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