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The Parole and Probation Division supervises individuals that have committed crimes and have been sentenced to a period of community supervision by a court or parole board. 

Parole and Probation Deputies work with offenders to ensure they’re accountable for their actions, in compliance with the conditions of supervision, and provide guidance and education to assist with their rehabilitation.


A:  An offender on probation is ordered to follow certain conditions set forth by the court, often under the supervision of a probation officer. Those who violate the terms of their probation can face structured sanctions/interventions to include; jail, community service, electronic home detention, increased reporting, or return to court for revocation.

Your probation officer will also be able to refer you to programs that are ordered by the court.


Post-prison supervision and parole are often used synonymously, but post-prison supervision is the correct term for convictions that have occurred on or after November 1, 1989. In either case, Probation and Parole Officer monitors conditions imposed by the Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision. One may also be placed on post-prison supervision following revocation of felony probation and a period of incarceration in a local jail.


The Court may place the defendant on probation, which shall be subject to the following General Conditions unless specifically deleted by the Court (ORS 137.540). The Probationer shall:

  1. Pay supervision fees, fines, restitution or other fees ordered by the Court.
  2. Not use or possess controlled substances except pursuant to a medical prescription.
  3. Submit to testing of breath or urine for controlled substance or alcohol use if the probationer has a history of substance abuse or if there is a reasonable suspicion that the probationer has illegally used controlled substances
  4. Participate in a substance abuse evaluation as directed by the supervising officer and follow the recommendations of the evaluator if there are reasonable grounds to believe there is a history of substance abuse.
  5. Remain in the State of Oregon until written permission to leave is granted by the Department of Corrections or a county community corrections agency.
  6. If physically able, find and maintain gainful full-time employment, approved schooling, or a full-time combination of both. Any waiver of this requirement must be based on a finding by the Court stating the reasons for the waiver.
  7. Change neither employment nor residence without prior permission from the Department of Corrections or a county community corrections agency.
  8. Permit the supervising officer to visit the probationer or the probationer's work site or residence, and conduct a walk-through of the common areas and of the rooms in the residence occupied by or under the control of the probationer.
  9. Consent to the search of person, vehicle or premises upon the request of a representative of the supervising officer if the supervising officer has reasonable grounds to believe that evidence of a violation will be found, and submit to fingerprinting or photographing, or both, when requested by the Department of Corrections or a county community corrections agency for supervision purposes.
  10. Obey all laws, municipal, county, state and federal.
  11. Promptly and truthfully answer all reasonable inquiries by the Department of Corrections or a county community corrections agency.
  12. Not possess weapons, firearms or dangerous animals.
  13. Report as required and abide by the direction of the supervising officer.
  14. If under supervision for, or previously convicted of, a sex offense under ORS 163.305 to 163.467, and if recommended by the supervising officer, successfully complete a sex offender treatment program approved by the supervising officer and submit to polygraph examinations at the direction of the supervising officer.
  15. Participate in a mental health evaluation as directed by the supervising officer and follow the recommendations of the evaluator.
  16. If required to report as a sec offender under ORS 181.596, report with the Department of State Police, a chief of police, a county sheriff or the supervisory agency;
  • When supervision begins;
  • Within 10 days of the a change or residence; and
  • Once each year within 10 days of the probationer's date of birth

All persons on supervision with Community Corrections are charged a monthly supervision fee.  This amount Hood River County is $40.00 per month.  

The Court may order community service/work crew or it may be imposed on offenders who violate their supervision as probationers, parolees, or post prison supervision.  There is a $25.00 fee if ordered to complete community service/work crew.  Community service/work crew is offered Wednesday-Saturday.  

Offenders who are ordered to either community service or work crew need to meet the work crew supervisor at 7:45 am on the side of the Sheriff’s Office the day they are scheduled to report.  All offenders need to dress appropriately for the weather (long pants required), need to bring a lunch and all drinks in a sealed cup.  No electronics are allowed on work crew (cell phones, i pods, MP3) leave them at home.

For more information on work crew you may call the work crew supervisor at 541-387-7143.

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