Hood River County

Sheriff's Office

FAQs (English)

Can someone call 911 who does not speak English?
Can you still dial 911 from a phone if existing service has been shut off?
If I call 911 and then change my mind, should I just hang up?
Why do 911 dispatchers ask so many questions instead of just sending help?
Does Hood River County have a leash law?
What can I do about a barking dog in my neighborhood?
How do I get a dog License?
I have a permit in another Oregon county and I just moved here. What do I need to do?
What do I need to bring with me when I apply?
When can I come in and apply?
How do I evict a tenant?
How long will it take for my civil papers to be served, and if they are unable to be served, will I get my fee back?
What do I do if my child’s custodial parent refuses to give me my court ordered visitation?
Can reports be made on-line?
What are detectives responsibilities?
Do I need a permit to park at trailheads and recreation areas in National Forest’s?
Is my vehicle safe in the forest?
What do I need to know while I’m enjoying Hood River County’s forested areas?
What should I do to prepare for a visit?
Do I need a permit to take Forest Products out of National Forest’s?
How can I get a permit to carry a concealed handgun?
How can I see where crime is happening in Hood River County?
How Do I get My Dog Licensed?
How do I report a crime?
How can I find out of my friend is in jail?
How much will it cost to bail someone out of jail?
What are the visiting hours at the jail?
Do paddlers need an aquatic invasive species prevention permit?
Does my child need to wear a life jacket at all times?
How do I know if I need to title and register my boat?
Where do I display my OR Number and Decals?
How long is my noise permit good for?
Is the permit only good one time or can it be used again?
If I have a ATV operating permit issued by my state is it good in Oregon?
Is hands-on training required for kids from other states?
What is Minimum age for motorcycle riders?
What does "no contact" mean?
What is a special condition of supervision?
What is bench probation?
What is post-prison supervision?
What is the difference between court fees and supervision fees?
When will I be allowed to have contact with a victim?
How do I become a Reserve Deputy?
What are some of the responsibilities of a Reserve Deputy?
What are the minimum requirements to be a Reserve Deputy?
Can I find out if my friend was arrested last night?
How can I get a copy of my criminal history?
How long does it take to get a report?
Do I need a snow park permit for Oregon?
Is a driver’s license required?
Is Insurance required in Oregon?
Is there a speed limit for snowmobiles?
Can my friend get my car out for me?
How much does it costs to get my vehicle out of impound?
When can I pay my fee?