Hood River County

Sheriff's Office

Civil Division

The Hood River County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for serving civil papers including but not limited to subpoenas, restraining orders, writs of garnishment, divorce paperwork, etc.    

Civil Service Fees

All fees and costs to be paid in advance, cash or money order preferred.  Firm checks and Local personal checks accepted . We  do not accept credit cards.  A penalty will be assessed for returned checks. 
Delivery of Writ of Garnishment - $25.00
Seizure & sale of personal property and enforcement actions under a writ of attachment or writ of execution - $45.00 + $80.00 ($125.00) plus costs involved in the seizure, holding, and advertising.  

Effective July 1, 2017 For service and enforcement of a Writ of Execution on Real Property please submit the following:

One check made payable to the Hood River County Sheriff for the new flat fee of $470.00

One check made payable to the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association for the $300.00 fee for posting on the website

One check made payable to the Hood River News for $150.00, as a deposit for publication fees (any cost above $150.00 will be billed)

If you have any questions please contact the Civil Deputy at the business office: 541-386-2098

Service of all other documents, such as summons and complaint, summons and petition, subpoenas, orders, small claims, etc. - $45.00 for not more than two parties at the same address. If service is requested for more than two parties at the same address, the fee is $25.00 for each party. 

*A mileage fee does not apply in Hood River County.

Civil Service Procedures

Attempts of service are made on all papers received as soon as possible, with a reasonable number of attempts before being declared unable to serve.  In most cases we will be able to effect service within a week to ten days. 

To effect service we will need to receive the original (summons, subpoena, order, etc.) with a certified true copy of the (summons, subpoena , order, etc.)  and a true copy of the (petition, complaint, motion, etc.) for each person to be served.   If you cannot send the original, you need to send two certified copies.  One for service and one for our office to stamp with time and date received, and return to the court with our proof of service attached. 

Upon completion of service, the Sheriff's Office will file the original document (summons, subpoena, order, etc.) with the original proof of service.  We also send a certified true copy of the proof of service to the party that requested the service.  Enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope for this purpose would be appreciated.

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