Hood River County

Sheriff's Office

Noise Permit

Hood River County’s Noise Ordinance – Chapter 8.12 – allows certain variances of the ordinance after successful completion and filing of the Noise Variance and Permit Application.  Please read the law carefully to be certain you understand the parameters of the Noise Law and what the Variance Permit will and will not allow you to do.

Obtaining a Noise Permit

To obtain a noise permit follow the directions below.

  1. If the event will be within the city limits of Hood River, contact the Hood River City Police at 541-387-5256 for assistance. 
  2. If the event is outside of city limits, download the Noise Permit Form
  3. Fill out the form and return it to the Sheriff's Office Business Office, along with the $55 filing fee. 
  4. Once the application is processed, you will be given a copy of the approved application.  Please keep this copy with you during the event. 
How long is my noise permit good for?
Is the permit only good one time or can it be used again?