Hood River County Sheriff's Office

Professional, Committed, Trusted

 Mission Statement
  (Our promise to the people)

  The mission of the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office is to consistently earn the public’s trust by providing the highest quality public safety services with the resources provided to us.

 We enhance safety, security and livability by serving and protecting our citizens.  Through education, leadership and partnerships, we promote individual responsibility and community commitment.

 We strive to make a difference everyday and to be the “Go to Agency” in Hood River County that meets and solves the challenges of creating a safer environment and improving our quality of life.


Hood River County Sheriff’s Office
Commitments to Effective Relationships

We are committed to doing everything we can-within the resources provided to us-to consistently contribute to the safety of the Citizens of Hood River County.  We believe in encouraging active citizen involvement and support of our mission, consistently keeping the public informed of the value-added services provided by the Sheriff’s Office.  In return for our efforts, we expect Citizens and visitors to live within the law.


We employ positive, self-motivated, results-oriented people who strive to provide a safe, healthy, long-term and mutually beneficial environment. We endorse continuing education, professional growth, initiative, creative thought, teamwork, productivity and focus on the needs of the citizens and visitors of Hood River County.

 We are committed to acknowledging our employees for performance and to consistently demonstrate respect for their individual contributions.

 We expect our employees to demonstrate balance between and among the various facets of their lives and to live within the code of ethics.  We listen to our employees and understand they are one of the best sources of ideas for service and process improvements. We expect all employees to exhibit pride in working on behalf of the Citizens and visitors of Hood River County and to consistently demonstrate greater value in the workplace than the resources they consume.

Interagency Collaboration:

We are committed to open, frequent communication and joint strategic planning with other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in our area.  We believe in maintaining relationships that are mutually beneficial on behalf of our community and which clearly demonstrate cost-effective uses of precious public funds.  In return, we expect open communication, to be treated with respect and professionalism, to share resources where possible and to be considered in the plans of other agencies.

Vendors & Suppliers:

We choose to work only with vendors and suppliers that demonstrate an ability to meet our standards for product and service quality and provide prices and terms favorable to the taxpayers of Hood River County and the Sheriff’s Office.

We expect open, frequent communication and cooperation from our vendors and suppliers and strive to reduce sole reliance on any one vendor in order to protect uninterrupted service to our customers. We will consider vendors and suppliers within Hood River County first rather than automatically seek outside the local economy for purchases, so long as such vendors and suppliers meet our stated requirements for quality, pricing and mutual benefit.  We expect vendors and suppliers to treat us with professionalism and to respect the honor of investing the taxpayers’ money in supplies, materials, equipment, facilities and outside services.




To Contact Us: 
309 State St.
Hood River, OR 97031
Phone:  (541) 386-2098
Fax:      (971) 231-2006
24hr. Non-Emergency  (541) 386-2711