Hood River County

Sheriff's Office

911 Operations

Hood River County 911 center is the single Public Safety Answering and dispatch point for Hood River County.  

The dispatch center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   There are 11 full-time dispatchers, 2 extra help, 2 supervisors and the Commander.  


Hood River County Accepting applications for:  


9-1-1 Certified Dispatcher
to apply for this position you must complete the HRC Sheriff employment application and Addendum 
and return by mail or fax to the address below
the deadline date to apply for this position is July 20, 2015 before 4:00pm

The application packet can be found here


9-1-1 Trainee Dispatcher
to apply for this position you must complete
        the HRC Sheriff employment application
and Addendum and complete the typing test
and return all forms at one of the scheduled

Call 541-386-3970 to Schedule an Orientation date:
August 6th 6pm to 7pm
August 7th 12pm to 1pm
August 8th 2pm to 3pm

The application packet can be found here

Emergency Service Resources
Hood River Fire Department
(541) 386-3939
Parkdale Fire Department
(541) 352-6092
West Side Fire Department
(541) 386-5551
Wyeast Fire District
(541) 354-1648
Hood River Sheriff’s Office Business Office
(541) 386-2098
Cascade Locks Fire/EMS
(541) 374-8510
Oregon State Police Department
(866) 290-1863
Hood River Sheriff’s Office
(541) 386-2711
Who We Support

Currently the center dispatches for two law enforcement agencies and six fire departments that provide medical and fire services.  Our center is also a backup dispatch for the Oregon State Police, United States Forest Service - Law Enforcement, Columbia River Intertribal Fisheries Enforcement and the Oregon Department of Forestry.

The 911 center receives emergency and non-emergency calls through 911 lines and two non-emergency 24 hour business lines.  The calls for service are then dispatched to the appropriate public safety agencies.  In addition to the everyday calls for service, we act as the communications center for Search & Rescue, Animal Control, Forest patrol, and Marine patrol activities and operations. 

What You Need to Know When Calling 911


1. "YOU" as the caller are one of the most important keys to providing help and assistance. Stay on the line until the dispatcher says that it is okay to hang up.

2. Be ready to provide the location of the incident along with your information.

3. If the call is a medical issue, the dispatcher will provide you with some basic instructions to help the patient until medical assistance arrives.

4. Be prepared to give descriptions of subjects and vehicles involved.

5. With the information that you provide, know that you can help save a life or property.

Why do 911 dispatchers ask so many questions instead of just sending help?
If I call 911 and then change my mind, should I just hang up?
Can you still dial 911 from a phone if existing service has been shut off?
Can someone call 911 who does not speak English?
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