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:: Bear Lake SAR July 31-August 2, 2011 ::

Terrain Near Bear Lake

Descent to Lindsey Creek

Lindsey Creek

Rescuers Reach Salant

Waterfall Near Salant

MedEvac Helicopter

Photos Courtesy of the Crag Rats
  • 1)  Taken near Bear Lake. Perspective photo of the conditions, terrain and foliage that the searchers  encountered during their 3 days in the area.
  • 2) Perspectives leading downhill toward Lindsey Creek.
  • 3) Lindsey Creek – Perspective of terrain/foliage in the area that searchers navigated through the creek bed where Salant was found.
  • 4) Crag Rat members with Pamela Salant.  This is the position and location they found her in when they arrived on scene.  (Searchers provided her with jackets and the hat)
  • 5) Waterfall that Crag Rats had to rappel down to reach Salant.  Her position would have been in the foreground out of the photo in the approximate area the searcher took the photo. Searchers said they noted footprints where she navigated around the falls.
  • 6) MedEvac Helicopter giving perspective of the hole in the forest canopy that the helicopter had to work with.

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