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Hood River County 911 center is the single Public Safety Answering and dispatch point for Hood River County.  The dispatch center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are 11 full-time dispatchers, 1 part-time dispatcher, 1 extra help, 2 supervisors and the Director. 

Currently the center dispatches for two law enforcement agencies and six fire departments that provide medical and fire services.  Our center is also a backup dispatch for the Oregon State Police, United States Forest Service - Law Enforcement, Columbia River Intertribal Fisheries Enforcement and the Oregon Department of Forestry.

The 911 center receives emergency and non-emergency calls through 911 lines and two non-emergency 24 hour business lines.  The calls for service are then dispatched to the appropriate public safety agencies.  In addition to the everyday calls for service, we act as the communications center for Search & Rescue, Animal Control, Forest patrol, and Marine patrol activities and operations.
What you should know when calling 911 …
  • "YOU" as the caller are one of the most important keys to providing help and assistance. Stay on the line until the dispatcher says that it is okay to hang up.
  • Be ready to provide the location of the incident along with your information.
  • If the call is a medical issue, the dispatcher will provide you with some basic instructions to help the patient until medical assistance arrives.
  • Be prepared to give descriptions of subjects and vehicles involved.
  • With the information that you provide, know that you can help save a life or property.

Fire Prevention Week

Hood River 911 participates every year with the Hood River Valley schools fire prevention week.  Dispatchers along with the local fire departments educate the children on how to use the 911 system.

Hood River County Fair

Hood River 911 attends the Hood River County fair every year.  We provide information and education regarding our 911 system.  Along with the Hood River County Sheriff's Office, we provide a chance for people to come and ask questions and learn about the many services that we provide our community members and visitors.
Do You Know ...


When to use 911 ...
The 9-1-1 rules you need to know
Dial 9-1-1 only for an emergency
An emergency is:
  • Any serious medical problem
  • Any type of fire
  • Any life-threatening situation
  • Any crime in progress 

What is a non-emergency situation ...
Dial the Hood River County Dispatch Center at (541) 386-2711 for non-emergency situations.
Non-emergency situations include “cold” (not in progress) break-ins to vehicles, theft of property or vandalism.  You should use the non-emergency number for intoxicated persons who are not disorderly, cars blocking the street or driveway, or non-injury motor vehicle accidents.

What is misuse of 911 ...
Oregon Law 165.570, Improper use of emergency reporting system, makes it an A Misdemeanor to knowingly misuse the 911 reporting system.  Misuse means calling 911 for a situation that a person doesn't reasonably believe requires prompt service to preserve human life or property.
The law also prohibits a person in control of a phone from knowingly allowing another person to misuse the 911 reporting system. 

What do you do if you accidentally call 911 ...
Should you accidentally dial 9-1-1, DO NOT HANG UP!  Instead, stay on the phone and explain to the dispatcher that you dialed by mistake and that you do not have an emergency.  If you hang up an officer will be dispatched to the caller’s address to inquire if there is indeed an emergency.  This will needlessly take resources away from genuine emergencies.

Important Phone Numbers
Road & Weather
               511 or tripcheck.com
Law Enforcement 
Hood River Sheriff's Office -
(541) 386-2711                 24 hour
Hood River Sheriff's Office -
Business Office
(541) 386-2098
Hood River City Police -
(541) 386-2121                 24 hour
(541) 387-5256
(866) 290-1863
(541) 386-6363
(503) 668-0181
(541) 298-1576 
Fire Departments/EMS 
(541) 374-8510 
(541) 386-3939
(541) 354-1648 
(541) 352-6092 
Pine Grove Fire Department 
(541) 386-2900
(541) 386-5551 
*** this email is not to be used for emergencies or placing calls for service

To Contact Us: 
309 State St.
Hood River, OR 97031
Phone:  (541) 386-2098
Fax:      (971) 231-2006
24hr. Non-Emergency  (541) 386-2711